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Perfect for your roleplay community

Our new Frontend Website Service offers your roleplay community an exclusive online presence with a fully customisable frontend website. It has multiple features that will assist with the running of your community, and give your applicants an insight into your community, and make that application process smoother the whole way through.

A live preview/demo of the website is available, just get in touch with us.

The Technical Bit

Your website will be hosted by us. We will need to receive payment each month otherwise your website will be taken offline. You will need to have a domain (or a subdomain) that the website can use, simply point it to our hosting (we will help). The website will be generated from a generic template for a roleplay community, you will need to provide us with information to populate the website (such as about us text, images, social media links etc). You’ll also be able to edit the pages to your liking. You should also be aware that the website uses the WordPress Content Management System which may limit some future development for the site.

Pricing & Ordering Process

We currently offer this website as a monthly subscription, detailed below:

  • £10 Initialisation Fee + £20 Monthly Subscription Payment (£30 total for first month)
    • Recurring £20 every month until cancelled

All payments are processed using PayPal or Stripe’s subscription service.

Interested in Purchasing?

Join our Discord Server and open a ticket to begin your purchase.