Rellent Christmas Sale 2022

Discounts throughout the festive period at Rellent

This year throughout the month of December we are offering a sale of 20% off all products on the Rellent Store.

We will also be applying individual discounts to many items on the store, which the 20% discount can be applied on top of. This means some items will have even bigger discounts than the listed 20%.

Applying the Discount

It’s easy as pie. Simply navigate to the checkout once you have added all the products you would like to your basket, and the discount will be automatically applied. If it’s not, try adding the coupon code Xmas2022. If you have any issues just get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

Bulk Order Discount

In some situations we may be able to offer larger discounts if you are buying in bulk. Get in touch to see if your purchase is eligible.