Partnership with STORM Systems

Rellent has partnered with STORM Systems to ensure the safety of our products and community

Rellent has partned with STORM Systems, a new service created to help protect the online community from leaking, reselling, safeguarding and a host of other things too.

About STORM Systems

STORM Systems is a service created to help protect the online community, whether this be from a leaking, ripping, selling, safeguarding etc. position. We take reports via our website. These reports are anonymised to the best of our ability to prevent bias, when our staff members are able to then review and rate the evidence provided on a scale from 1-5, on how much they believe that the evidence is believable. Once a number of our staff team have voted, our senior staff team will review, who have access to more information and are able to see the de-anonymised report. The senior staff members will then take into account the evidence provided, and the opinions from the staff team, and make a final decision.

You can learn more on their website,

How will we use STORM?

From today onwards, we will use STORM as our new security database. This means that all orders will be checked against STORM’s database to ensure our products are not going to leakers etc.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions will be updated to reflect these changes.