Partnership with Dodo McGee

Our latest partnership is with the YouTuber Dodo McGee!

Dodo McGee is an LSPDFR YouTuber that we have worked with in the past, most recently providing a product for his giveaway after his Discord server reached 1000 members!

Some of our vehicles have been previously featured on the Dodo McGee YouTube channel, including our Unmarked Cupra Leon.

You can visit his YouTube channel or join his Discord server.

Dodo McGee Bio:

“I play GTA5 using the popular mod, LSPDFR, to roleplay as a fictional UK police officer. I aim to make all my videos fun and entertaining, while still keeping a high level of realism, to try a put you in the shoes of a police officer on the streets of Los Santos! Make sure to check out my various playlists, where you can find my patrol videos listed by the unit they feature. If you like what you see, why not consider subscribing, or head over to my Discord for more exclusive content and behinds the scenes info!”